The Most Common Hair Salon Questions Part Two

In our last article, we explored several of the most popular hair salon questions.  In this second part, we’ll take a closer look at the hair salon experience, including how soon you should book your hair appointment, and what you should expect from a color job.

How long do I need to book my hair style appointment in advance?

When it comes to booking an appointment at your favorite hair salon, you’ll need to remember that Fridays and Saturdays are incredibly popular.  Therefore, it’s recommended that you book your hair appointment at least two to three weeks in advance.  If you’re booking an appointment for a weekday, you don’t have to book so far in advance.  We recommend calling in the beginning of the week if you want to book on a weekday.

Don’t be afraid to call in the morning for any last-minute cancellations.  You’ll never know if you’ll end up with a surprise appointment!

Can I cut and color on the same day?

It’s safe to cut and color on the same day; however, hair stylists recommend booking your color appointment first.  Your hair stylist will generally color your hair first before cutting it into your desired shape.

What should I do if I don’t like the hair style?

If you don’t like the cut or color your hair stylist gave you, be sure to let your stylist know that you’re unhappy as quickly as possible.  Usually the manager will provide you with a complimentary redo.  If you’re still unhappy, you’re completely within your rights to ask for a refund.  After all, this is your hair – and you deserve to have it look as fabulous as possible! If the salon still will not offer you a refund, it may be necessary to review this salon with your experience.

I’m sure you are like most people and would like to avoid this problem in the first place. To avoid this from happening remember to read reviews on your salon from Google Places, Kudzu, Yelp, and also try A good rule of thumb is the more reviews the better. While you can’t expect a salon to have 100% success rate, it is good to see an overwhelming amount of appreciation from regular patrons.

When it comes to your hair salon experience, it pays to know what to expect in advance.

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